VMarlex Aluminium Outer Lid Pressure Cooker is made using high-quality 100% food grade aluminium. All the units, i.e. 1 Pressure cooker base, 1 Lid, 1 Whistle valve, and 1 gasket, are designed according to the ISI specifications. Adherence to these safety standards makes it a safe choice for your kitchen. Easier to handle. The design of the body and the outer lid mechanism helps build the pressure rapidly and evenly, so the grains and pulses are cooked with ease. The lid fits perfectly onto the base with neatly cut grooves. Cool touch Bakelite handles provide a firm grip without heating up. These handles can withstand general wear and tear from daily use for a long time. This Cooker is Induction base thus can be used on Induction and Gas Stove.

VMarlex Pressure Cooker H.A. Outer 5Ltr

SKU: BD700
    • A high-quality pressure cooker built using 100% food grade Aluminium
    • Adherence to high safety standards of ISI in product design
    • Useful outer lid mechanism for cooking grains and pulses for 3-4 people
    • Compatible for use with gas stoves and Induction.
    • Comfortable handles for easy grip.
    • Hard Anodised For Even Heat Distribution


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