At Racold, we believe that safety is the most important factor for choosing any gas water heater. Racold Instantaneous gas water heaters come with double solenoid valve which ensures complete safety. Its constant feedback ensures constant supply of hot water even if the inlet water pressure varies and its auto timer automatically switches off water heater after 20 minutes of continuous operation.

Racold Gas Water Heater 5L

SKU: BD608
    • Auto-protection against gas leak - built-in safety against gas leak.
    • Double Safety: Advanced safety feature with two solenoid valves
    • Child Lock: Added feature for protecting children against accidents
    • Low Starting Pressure: Suitable for low pressure - helpful for areas having low water pressure
    • Winter/Summer function - adjustable as per weather conditions
    • LPG Gas; 5 Litres per Minute
    • In case of any product queries / complaints, contact the brand customer service on: 18604252288