Blending contemporary styling with the beauty and dazzle of stainless steel, the Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker made of high quality stainless steel, adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen with loads of features that include euroclad base with induction bottom for even distribution of heat, and the unique pressure indicator for extra safety.

Prestige Pressure Cooker Dlx Alpha SS Mini Handi 3.3ltr

SKU: BD437
    • Pressure Indicator
    • Alpha Base Induction Bottom
    • Handles with double screw for sturdy grip and durability
    • Heavier body
    • Alpha base is steel aluminium steel, outer lid pressure cooker made from high Quality Stainless Steel cover and body
    • Net Quantity: 1 Unit , Amount of Rice cooked :330 grams , Ideal for 4-5 members
    • Pressure indicator; Controlled GRS; Alpha base induction bottom