Cook delicious dishes with this Prestige induction cooktop. It comes with features like Automatic Voltage Regulator and Full-procedure computer control and Aerodynamic cooling system. The Automatic Voltage Regulator controls the load that the cooktop takes and ensures proper functioning during voltage fluctuations and the Full Procedure computer control provides you with efficient cooking by adjusting the temperature and power for cooking different dishes.

Prestige Induction Cooker PIC 16.0 Plus

SKU: BD141
    • You can prepare authentic and tasty Indian dishes like Chapati, Idly, Dosa, Curry etc at the touch of a button. This Prestige cooktop has cooking menu options and Keep Warm functions which help you cook without any hassles.
    • You can use a timer to cook your dishes and also use the pause button in between if you have some other urgent work while cooking. You can even temporarily switch of the cooktop if you've to answer a call or open the door.
    • The in-built automatic voltage regulator in this Prestige cooktop takes care when there are voltage fluctuations. It makes sure that the load is handled properly by the appliance to improve durability and performance.
    • The Full-procedure computer control is an in-built technology that comes with this Prestige induction cooktop. It ensures efficient cooking by automatically adjusting the power and temperature for preparing different dishes. If you leave the cooktop "On" for a long time without any attention, it will automatically switch off.
    • You will save a lot of energy as the built-in power saver technology in this induction cooktop reduces power consumption when the stove is not in use. It also adjusts the power level depending on the size of the vessel you're cooking in.
    • This Prestige induction cooktop will cool down faster, thanks to the aerodynamic cooling system that keeps the engine functioning at an optimum working temperature at all times.
    • Unique Dual Heat Sensors, Anti Magnetic Wall