No more having to change gas cylinders and worry about gas leaks. This convenient and easy-to-use induction cooktop by Prestige has got you covered in the kitchen. Get all your work done for you at the click of a button, thanks to its Preset Timer and Indian Menu Option for easy cooking.

Prestige Induction Cooker PIC 14.0 1900W

SKU: BD633
    • This cooktop comes with preset Indian Menu options to help make your cooking experience easier. You can conveniently cook items like chapati, idli, dosa, etc., at the click of a button.
    • Great Features - i)Indian Menu Options ii) Aerodynamic cooling system iii) Dual heat sensors for Optimised heating
    • Troubleshooting guidelines: Works only with Induction base cookware- bottom diameter between 12cm-26cm
    • Inbuilt with two heat sensors, this ensures that the induction cooktop operates within the permissible heat safety band. It protects the appliance from getting overheated.
    • The Automatic Voltage Regulator within the induction monitors high and low voltage. It also ensures that the load is taken by the appliance at a gradual pace.
    • This induction has Soft Push Buttons that are easy to operate.
    • The Power Saving Technology in this cooktop monitors and regulates the heat level according to the size of the vessel being used to cook.


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