The Prestige Royale DGS 04 on Snapdeal gives you a sturdy, durable stove with maximum convenience and that also looks great. It is the perfect product for heavy duty cooking and for those who use the stove often. It has 4 burners – 2 large and 2 medium.

Prestige Gas Stove DGS04 4 Br.

SKU: BD315
    • The durability of this stove is reinforced by the single-piece stainless steel body which is both classy and secure. The stove is rust-proof and looks brand new after cleaning it. Maintenance is simple as all you need to do is wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
    • This durable gas stove comes with four burners each made of brass. With 2 Large, 2 Medium burners each arranged such that you can conveniently move the pots and pans around during cooking. The strategically placed burners make cooking easy.
    • To ensure that all your pots and pans can be used with ease, there are individual pan supports on each burner. This reduces spillage and minimises any accidents that might occur. This easy- to-use stove allows the chef to cook with ease.
    • It is possible to cook up to 4 dishes simultaneously on a Prestige Royale DGS 04 with its four burners. The arrangement of the burners allows you to cook a vegetable on one, a dal on another and even accommodate a smaller pan for a tadka on the third burner. This allows cooking to go faster and is so much easier.
    • This efficient stove is only 12kg with dimensions of 60x49.5x12 cm. Making it easy to place in the kitchen and easy to lift during cleaning.
    • Individual pan supports and drawn stainless steel body
    • High-efficiency brass burners, spill proof design and duplex advantage


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