Having lunch at work can be a daily challenge. Going out for lunch or ordering takeout every day can get very expensive, so many people opt to bring their own lunches from home. There may be an office kitchen, or simply a break room, or in some cases, the employer may not provide a place to store lunches and employees may end up keeping their lunches at their desks. Often, cold lunches are easier to prepare and store depending on the particular workplace setup. Electric heated lunch boxes make it possible to have hot lunches at work. What’s more, they also have several unexpected benefits beyond the office. You can also carry home cooked food at family trip, long drives, business trip, camping, etc and simply reheat them and enjoy hot food. Using a heated lunchbox at work also saves time. There is no waiting to use the office microwave when everyone else is trying to heat up lunch at the same time. Electric heated lunch boxes can be plugged in at your desk and will have your lunch heated and ready for your lunch break. Electron double-walled electric tiffin towers are designed to heat food on demand. Featuring 3 tiers of stainless steel tiffin containers with a collapsible steel frame making it easy to handle. Plug it in 30 minutes before you're ready to eat, its auto cut-off feature prevents overheating.

Milton Tiffin Electron 4

SKU: BD586
    • Double-walled shock-proof electric casserole
    • 3-tiered tiffin containers held by a collapsible carry-frame
    • Heats contents in 30 minutes only
    • Auto cut-off feature prevents overheating
    • Double-walled insulated carry case with strap
    • Keeps food hot for hours
    • Heats contents in 30 minutes only, auto cut-off feature prevents overheating