This cookware brought by Judge is of pro-preference featuring the unique 3 layer coating with an induction base. It is a multi-layered non-stick coated cookware pan which is reinforced using user-friendly materials. It is tough enough to simply use the metal like utensils which offers better protection against any sort of stretching. The stainless steel offers an optimum heat distribution and durability to the user. The induction base Judge Deluxe cookware has a 1-year warranty which makes it easy to use under any suitable heat, including dishware and induction safe box which is present in the pan.

Judge NS Kitchen Set Deluxe 3pcs (37032)

SKU: BD620
    • 3-Layer Coating
    • Metal Spoon Friendly
    • Induction Friendly
    • Easy To Maintain
    • Contents: Frying Pan, Tawa, Kadhai With Lid
    • 1 Year Warranty


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