The dosa tava is designed with just the right curvature and thickness to give you the best cooking results when making dosa (rice and gram pancakes). The flange, which firmly attaches the handle with strong stainless steel rivets, is uniquely designed to not interfere with the cooking surface and to hence maximise the cooking area, allowing you to make a very large dosa, or several uttapam or cutlets at one time. The 4.88 mm extra thick heavy gauge metal ensures fast and even heat conduction and retains heat well. The dosa tava instruction manual has 11 tested recipes for the dosa tava, including four varieties of dosa, uttapam, cutlets and rolls. The dosa tava is suitable for domestic gas and radiant electric cooktops.

Hawkins Tawa Futura DT30

SKU: BD535
    • PFOA free non-stick
    • 4.88 mm thick - extra thick for even heating - diffuses heat fast
    • Superior Futura Non-stick - which is applied on hard anodised surface to last longer
    • Stay-cool handle - comfortable to hold
    • Easy to cook with - well balanced pan and handle
    • Riveted handle - sturdy stainless steel rivets
    • Package Contents: 1-Piece Dosa Tawa with Cookbook, Wooden Spatula, Nylon Scrubber and Guarantee Card


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