"Garuda" Induction Multikadhai a best gifting idea and an essential product for kitchen comes with different plates for different cuisines to cook with ease. We have manufactured this patent design with stylish look and culinary platters to cherish at your dinning.

Garuda Multi-Kadhai 3 in 1 Big

SKU: BD370
    • Stainless Steel Heavy Body, Induction Friendly
    • Anti-Corrosion metal for long lasting durability against chemical reactions from air and/or water in hot environment
    • Made from ETB heavy Anti-bulge Base
    • Strong handle with heat resistant grip for ease of lifting while cooking
    • Total of 7 Plates Set : 2 Idli, 2 Mini Idli, 2 Dhokla & 1 Patra (Steam Plates)