Say goodbye to heat during summer with Crompton air cooler. With multiple innovative features, such as easy-to-remove wood wool pads, an ice chamber, the Crompton ozone classic 54 ltr window cooler keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. It also features an auto water level indicator, so you can easily monitor the amount of water in the cooler. Since this cooler can also run on inverters, you can connect it to your home inverter when the power goes off. Keeping your cooler clean is also easy, all thanks to the drain plug and removable honeycomb pads. This also prevents breeding of mosquitoes.

Crompton Window Cooler Classic 54ltr

SKU: BT474
    • This cooler's wood wool cooling pad has been thoughtfully designed to deliver improved water retention and better cooling performance. It ensures that you enjoy a 1700 m3/hr air delivery. It ensures an air delivery rate of 1700 m3/hr so more of your room stays cool.
    • The front of this air cooler has bold and neutral design. This design cue enhances your room’s decor and ensures uninterrupted cooling performance.
    • You won't have to worry about filling this tank every now and then as it tank has a capacity of 54 litres. This air cooler is suitable to deliver cooling for an area of up to 200 square feet.
    • This air cooler features a set of motorized oscillating louvres that deliver 4-way air deflection to cool better.
    • Enjoy uninterrupted cooling, even during power cuts, as this air cooler can be powered by an inverter.
    • Rust is something you will not have to worry about as this air cooler features a durable fiber body. The fiber body does not take on deposition marks
    • Cleaning this air cooler is easy as it has smooth exteriors. It can easily be wiped and cleaned with a cloth.