Geysers and water heaters have become a part of our lifestyle. It is so invigorating to shower in hot water after a long day’s tedious work. This is when an electric geyser comes in handy. Geysers convert electrical energy into heat energy through a heating element. Cold water comes into a compartment, gets warmed up to a certain degree, by the heating element and then the heated water is carried out through another outlet. There are a lot of water heaters out there in the market. Crompton is one of the leading players when it comes to geysers and water heaters. Whether it is a tank geyser or an instant geyser, Crompton is a master at both.

Crompton Storage Water Heater SWH1310 Solarium Aura

SKU: BT081
    • Abs rust free outer body for better finish and look ; Tank Coating: Glassline ; Heating Element: Copper ; Advanced 3 Level Safety Product Dimensions: 50 cm (Length) x 30.5 cm (Width) x 32 cm (Height)
    • ISI marked-quality heating element: It comes with quality assured nickel coated heating element and fire retardant internal wiring convections
    • Magnesium anode for corrosion protection
    • 8 bar pressure, suitable for high rise buildings
    • Multifunctional safety valve
    • 5 star rated energy efficient geyser
    • 3 tier temperature sensing: Capillary thermostat, thermal cut out and fusible plug for user safety and convenience