The power consumption of the Crompton Greaves storage geyser is quite optimum and the appliance does not consume more than a certain amount of power. The power consumption of this durable geyser will not increase your electricity bills in a considerably huge manner.The water pressure of this compact geyser is 8 bars which is quite sufficient for the purpose. The pressure is not likely to consume any extra energy for its generation.The undesirable phenomenon of overheating is likely to occur in many geysers. The Crompton Greaves storage geyser is protected against it with the help of the preset thermal cut-out which stops the heating of water if its temperature exceeds a certain limit.The tank of the Crompton Greaves storage geyser is coated with a special type of nanopolymer. This nanopolymer is essentially an insulating material that is used to retain and keep the heat of the hot water in place. This coating of this storage geyser is of a very quality and does not come off the walls of the tank easily at all.The capacity of a geyser is quite a deciding factor that decides a lot of things about the shape and size of the geyser. The larger the capacity, the larger is the size of the geyser and it is quite likely that the geyser may also have a bulky shape in such cases. But with this good-looking geyser even though the capacity of the appliance is 06 litre, its size is pretty compact because of the smart design employed in its making.

Crompton Storage Water Heater Solarium DLX SWH06 LT

SKU: BT042
    • 6 L : Greater the Capacity,more the users can be served for bath/wash
    • 8 bar : Pressure rating >8 bar is suitable for High Rise buildings
    • Vertical : Suitable for large wall spaces
    • Storage : Useful for Bathroom, can store heated water
    • Nano Polymer Coated tank, 50% Energy Saving


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