Enjoy hot-water baths in the mornings or evenings by installing this Crompton 3 L instant water geyser. It comes with a 3000-W copper heating element that heats water faster so you can enjoy a warm shower without having to wait for a long time. The compact size of this geyser can be installed in any bathroom, be it a small or a large one.

Crompton Instant Water Heater Solarium Neo 3ltr

SKU: BT112
    • Anti siphon protection: The anti siphon system prevents the back flow of water from the tank, providing protection to heating element from dry heating
    • Over heat safety: The solarium neo comes with high precision pre-calibrated automatic thermostat and pre-set thermal cut-out providing dual safety against high temperature
    • 304 l- stainless steel tank: The new solarium neo inner tank is single piece single weld and is made of ultra-thick stainless steel of superior 304 grade that has long life and is rust free
    • 6.5 bar pressure, suitable for high rise buildings, Vertical : Suitable for large wall spaces
    • ISI marked-quality power cord: The solarium neo comes with quality assured power cord, fire retardant internal wiring convections
    • Non ferrous plate: A nonferrous plate ensures rust free operation of the water heater thus ensuring a longer life of the unit
    • Preset thermal cut-out 3000 Watt