When you need precision, speed and power by your side in the kitchen, lay your hands on this wonderful food processor that gives you all this and much more, with a whole lot of functions. That goes on to save you more than 90 percent of your preparation time. Whether it is slicing hard fruits and vegetables in desired uniform thickness, chopping, shredding or grating them, kneading dough, whisking and blending eggs and chilled milkshakes, or even juicing fruits, Crompton Omnia food processor does it in a jiffy. All with the help of 13 attachments, 6 processing blades/ discs, 3 jars including a huge 2. 4 litre processing jar, a pusher for the juicer, 700 watts of gripping power and the gentle touch of your fingers for carrying out any of the 09 different functions as per your need. Energy Rating : 4

Crompton Food Processor Omnia

SKU: BT111
    • Powerful copper motor: The powerful motor of 700 watts of Crompton Omnia enables you to perform the toughest of jobs, effortlessly
    • 13 different kinds of attachments: Use these attachments to support all the functions of slicing, chopping, shredding, grating, whisking, juicing, kneading and many more
    • 09 different functions: Enjoy the convenience of relying on just one appliance to do all 09 different functions
    • Flow breaker jar design for effective grinding
    • Stainless steel and as jars for long lasting operation
    • Multi functional blades for desired cutting and grinding
    • Citrus juicer: Easily extract juice from citrus fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, lemon, malta, keenu and more