Bajaj bread pop-up toasters and sandwich toasters are simplistic yet extremely convenient kitchen appliances. Pop-up toasters have a well-designed apparatus and mechanisms that enable you to fix a delicious breakfast in just a few minutes. We carefully consider every aspect required of an appliance so that it can be a perfect part of a modern kitchen. Our pop-up bread toasters have a compact design to maximize the utility of space in any kitchen. They are specially designed to have a contemporary aesthetic appeal with smooth rounded edges and simple contrasting colors.

Bajaj Pop-Up Toaster Juvel 750W

SKU: BD723
    • Prism design body for premium aesthetics which compliments the dining table
    • Bread centering guides for precision and even toasting
    • Slide out crumb tray for easy crumb removal
    • 6- Step adjustable browning control knob for desired level of browning
    • Illuminated function buttons for added convenience
    • Extra wide slots for thick slices of bread
    • Power: 750 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts