Investing in a cooktop? Buy the Bajaj Majesty CGX 2 cooktop, offered in great prices by Snapdeal. This sturdy, efficient and absolutely sleek gas stove looking cooktop comes with the trusted brand name of Bajaj. It comes with great features, delivers high performance and is absolutely maintenance free.

Bajaj Glasstop CGX2 Eco. 2Br.

SKU: BD288
    • The Bajaj Majesty CGX 2 cooktop is equipped with two high efficient gas burners. These brass burners have been proven to be more energy efficient than the traditional cast-iron. They come in one large and one medium sizes and need to be manually ignited. These burners are ideal for cooking local cuisines like Indian breads (chapattis), lentils and rice that require well-distributed heat and energy.
    • The body of Bajaj Majesty CGX 2 cooktop is made of stainless steel and is matt finished. This long-lasting stove is made of stainless steel and is sturdy, long lasting and easy to clean.
    • This durable gas stove has a toughened glass top which gives it a very elegant, spacious look and also adds to its easy maintenance.
    • The Bajaj Majesty CGX 2 cooktop also comes with handy integrated drip trays that help avoid spillage on the kitchen platform. These have been made with stainless steel that are easy to clean and more hygienic.
    • This durable gas stove comes with heavy duty powder coated pan supports. These powder coated trivets are stronger, durable and help carry the load of your heavy weight pots and pans without wobbling.


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