CHOP N CHURN : "Made of High Quality Virgin Plastic Fine Transparent plastic Bowel Comfortable Handle Grip Durable, hygienic, safe and easy to clean Dish Washer safe Scientifically designed transparent plastic easy to lift cover unique handy machine to chop vegetables, fruits and make shakes two attachments for churning and cutting. handy & convenient 100% safe & hygienic easy make banana & mango shake lassi, milk shake specialist in vegetables chopping." These cutter are provided with one handle and churn that makes cutting and beating easy. DesignedTransparent Plastic Easy to lift cover Unique handy machine to Chop Vegetables, Fruits and make shakes Two attachments for Churning and Cutting. Handy & Convenient 100% Safe & Hygienic Easy Make Banana & Mango Shake Lassi, Milk Shake Specialist In vegetables Chopping. Suitable for: onions, Garlic, All vegetable (hard, soft and fibrous), all fruits, fresh herbs and spices, fresh cream and cake, nut and cheese. multipurpose use... cutting like a professional (no mash). The product in the display is made from plastic material and comes in multi-color. Furthermore, it measures 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm.

Apex Chopper Chop N Churn

SKU: ES091
    • Easier & Quicker to chop Onions , Chili , Potato , Carrots, Vegetables, Fruits,Nuts Fresh Lassi , Cream & CAKE ,
    • Mixing All kinds of Sauces flour mixing , Mixed Fruit Salad
    • innovative design , Comfort to use/ Maintain Just keep the veg in Bowl then Rotate the Handle Collect the Cuttings from Container/Bowl
    • Included Components: 1 Blade, 1 Mixer Plastic, 1 Handel, 1 Recipe Book
    • Size: 19 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm